Morning Mist pH Neutral Cleaner is a phosphate-free disinfectant that cleans and deodorizes hard environmental surfaces like floors, walls, and glazed ceramic tile. Neither alkaline nor acidic, Morning Mist™ is a quaternary-based disinfectant that kills more than 99.9% of viruses and bacteria including MRSA and VRE when used as directed. The non-foaming pH-neutral floor and surface cleaner won’t leave a film and doesn’t require extra rinsing, making your job that much easier. It also helps reduce cleaning costs; as a concentrate packaged in bulk is the most cost-effective solution designed with your business needs in mind. Morning Mist is ideal for buildings, offices, schools, childcare centers, and restaurants who want clean floors and restrooms, but also want surfaces and spaces to smell fresh. It's all about creating a great impression.
Diversey SKU
Dilution ratio
Primary color
Trusted by health care professionals, building service contractors, facilities managers and restaurant owners
Concentrated formula helps control costs and improve an organization's bottom line
Popular fresh scent eliminates odors and improves guest and customer satisfaction
No-rinse cleaner disinfects floors and surfaces without leaving film or residue
Hospital use disinfectant with a 10 minute contact time that meets bloodborne pathogen standards for decontaminating blood and bodily fluids
General cleaner and disinfectant for larger areas such as operating rooms, and patient care facilities
EPA Registered: 1839-169-70627
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