Vim® Bleach Cream with micro-crystal pearls penetrates and removes engrained dirt - like encrusted grease, burnt-on food and bathroom limescale stains.
Vim® Oxy-Gel® All-Purpose Ocean is an all purpose cleaner which can be used on floors and washable surfaces.
Vim® Power & Shine™ Antibacterial Spray kills 99.9% of bacteria.* Cuts through kitchen grease, removes bathroom dirt and leaves a sparkling clean with a fresh fragrance.
Vim® Power & Shine™ Ocean Fresh Wipes clean and disinfect in one wipe, leaving an ocean fresh scent!
Versatile cleaner that can help make things look new again. It's ideal for combating stains such as burnt-on food, tough grease, and watermarks.
Vim® Power & Shine™ Bathroom Spray removes limescale without leaving streaks. Makes your surfaces water and dirt repellent allowing for a longer just cleaned look.
Specially formulated for finished hardwood floors, laminate floors, and finished wood cabinets. Leaves no dull residue* and cleans to a natural shine*. (*when used in dilute format)