Beer Clean - The ultimate 3-compartment sink glass cleaning system

Brewing Up Success with Craft Beer

Published 08 Oct 2019

Improve appearance, taste, and profits!

Master brewers obsess over the taste, appearance, and aromas they have crafted into their beers. They may even suggest serving their masterpiece in a certain type of glass that optimizes those characteristics. Just as important as it is to use the proper type of glass, so is the proper cleaning and sanitation of the glassware it is served in. Trusted since 1959, BEER CLEAN® provides better appearing, better tasting, and more profitable beer.


The best beer is both visually and tastefully appealing. It is served in glasses that are completely clean and lip-stick free. A perfectly cleaned glass will not form bubbles on the sides and will develop a good, solid head of foam when poured. It’s a beer that looks as good as it tastes. The better it looks, the better it will sell.


Ever take a sip of a draft beer and you can taste or smell something other than the beer? You can unintentionally ruin the flavor of a beer by using improper cleaning and sanitizing chemicals that don’t completely clean the glass or leave behind an after taste or chlorine smell. Using Beer Clean detergent and Sanitizer ensures your customers taste only what the master brewer intended. A crisp refreshing glass of beer!

More Profitable

Standard US shaker pints hold 16 oz. when filled to the lip of the glass. Most craft beer drinkers expect about an inch or so head of foam on the glass to maximize the beer’s experience. In a glass properly cleaned and sanitzed with Beer Clean, it only takes about 14.5 oz. of beer to fill and produce a proper head of foam.

  • Full 16 oz. pours = 124 glasses per ½ barrel
  • Proper 14.5 oz. pours = 142 glasses per ½ barrel – that’s 18 more glasses per barrel
  • Multiply that by $6.00 per glass! That’s $108 more profit per half-barrel!

Add to that the fact, most High ABV beers are served in 10 oz. glasses

  • Full 10 oz. pours = 198 glasses per half barrel
  • Proper 8.5 oz. pours = 232 glasses per half-barrel – That’s 34 more glasses per barrel
  • Multiply that by $7.50 per glass! That’s $255 more profit per half-barrel!

Do your own math to see how much extra profit you can make with Beer Clean!